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We opened Quicksand as a quick and convenient location to showcase a diverse range of inventive sandwiches, salads and sides that we've served over the years at our other operations. A lot of our dishes have international influences which creates a sense of community by incorporating other cultures ingredients and methods, hence our motto: “United We Sand”. 


We take great pride in sourcing fresh ingredients from all over town. We cook our own meats, make all of our dressings and soups from scratch and overall take great care in the recipes we've developed over the years.” Meh”, isn’t in our vocabulary. If a sandwich isn’t craveable, it doesn’t make it on our menu. 


Whether ordering a meal to enjoy here at Quicksand, a large group order for your colleagues or a home delivery order for an morning in, you can trust that the quality will be consistent and we will exceed your expectations each time.


Our online and mobile technology make your ordering process a snap. Once you set up an online account with us, all of your location and payment info is stored for one­ click ordering in the future.

Our central locations near residential and commercial neighborhoods are a snap to locate and get to. Our Shopping center has tons of parking in our parking lots ­ so you'll never have to circle or walk blocks to our front door. Can’t get away? Our tight delivery perimeter keeps our delivery to offices and residences inexpensive and speedy. We serve South Brentwood, Santa Monica, West LA, Culver City and Playa Vista It's our ambition to become your common and convenient choice for breakfast & lunch in this neighborhood ­ A great breakfast choice for a quick pick­up of coffee and egg wraps on your way to work, OR a nice place to walk with friends on your lunch break for some sandwiches.